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Web site storage with Webzcom assures excellent technical support, full FTP (File Transfer Protocol) privileges, log file access.

Webzcom offers both Standard and Dedicated web site hosting services.


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Standard Hosting [Top]

Monthly costs for hosting your company's site on a Standard Webzcom server will be determined when the site is launched. The costs are based on both number of megabytes required to house the site and the number of interactive components on the completed design. Interactive features include electronic newsletters, databases, forms and scripts.

The basic hosting cost, without taking into account any interactive components, is $29.95. This includes 10 megabytes of storage, and additional megabytes cost $1.00 per month.

Once you have signed a hosting agreement with Webzcom, Webzcom will set up your web site files on our servers. Webzcom charges a one-time fee of $ 50.00 to set up your files. Webzcom can register your domain name for a one-time fee of $50.

If needed, Webzcom will provide you with password-protected access to your web files so that you can make changes to your web site at a later time.

Hosting Requirements [Top]

Webzcom does not allow custom scripting on our servers when designed by a third party (i.e. ASP, CGI, JAVA, XML, Cold Fusion, DLL's of any sort). Custom scripts and applications can crash a host server very quickly if not properly implemented. If the site that you have designed requires custom scripts, Webzcom will need to review the script before it is placed on our server system. If the script is not acceptable, Webzcom can offer an estimate for redesigning that script for your site. Webzcom hosting services does not support FrontPage Extensions.

Dedicated Hosting [Top]

Webzcom hosts many of our clients' sites on Dedicated Servers. Sites that require more than 300 megs of storage space and/or are predominantly database (Access or SQL) driven are good candidates for Dedicated Server hosting. Webzcom can consult on your web site hosting needs to help determine if your site could benefit from Dedicated hosting services.

Dedicated servers contain a built in tape backup system and RAID protection. Costs for Dedicated services start at $ 390 and vary based on the additional services or applications that each client requires on that server.

Moving Your Site to Webzcom [Top]

Webzcom can assist you with all aspects of moving your site to an Webzcom server: Domain registration changes, file transfer, server set-up, and FTP passwords. Webzcom charges a one-time fee of $100.00 to set up your files. Domain name changes require a one-time fee of $50, which includes Webzcom handling all of the paperwork with your domain company (Verisign, Network Solutions, Register.com etc.).

Statistical Reports [Top]

The primary way to measure the success of a web site is through a statistical report. For no additional charge, Webzcom provides a quarterly online statistical report as part of the web site hosting agreement. This online report provides web site hosting clients with valuable marketing information, such as:

General Statistics - Tells where web site visitors come from geographically and whether visitors are classified by any of the suffixes .com, .net, .edu, .mil, org, .gov and .us (if ascertainable), provides an overview of the web site's activity, and summarizes the number of visitors and "hits" to the web site.

Resources Accessed - Sets out the portions of the web site that are receiving hits and the portions of the site that are not accessed at all. Some examples of the types of resources categorized in this section of the report are (1) Most Requested Pages, (2) Least Requested Pages, (3) Top Entry Pages (what pages users first saw when they entered the site), (4) Top Exit Pages (what were users looking at when they left the site), (5) Single Access Pages, and (6) Top Paths through Site.

Top Referrers - These sections of the report give an idea of which other sites, directories, or URLs are referring users to the site: Top Referring Sites, Top Referring URLs, Top Search Engines, Top Search Keywords, Top Search Phrases.

Additional Hosting Services [Top]

Webzcom also offers Secure Server Key services and we can provide credit card processing hosting. Webzcom can assist in all aspects of e-commerce and email security hosting.

* Fees do not include domain registration fees that must be paid separately to the domain registrar with whom your domain is registered.